How we achieve
our goals

We aim to celebrate
one river opening per day in 2030.

Our story: scaling up by three steps:
  • Connecting and sharing
    Ensuring that scientists, practitioners along rivers, policymakers, anglers, nature enthusiasts and others connect and cooperate, sharing knowledge and tools.
  • Celebrating successes
    Making river practitioners and citizens aware and inspiring them to join the movement.
  • Opening up rivers
    Creating new resources for practitioners to open rivers on the ground.

Our goals for 2025

What we're doing

The World Fish Migration Foundations leads a number of activities to help save migratory fish in rivers:

Peter Stevens, President Elect - Oregon Chapter

American Fisheries Society

The work and outreach of the Foundation mixes humor and optimism with a clear-eyed view of the state of fish passage and fish migration worldwide. They deliver a very serious and timely topic in a way that leaves everyone feeling hopeful and energized about the possibility of change.

Smart Tools

Useful tools for practitioners, organisations and the general public.

Happy Fish symbol

The Happy Fish is the symbol for people, organizations and projects aiming to restore migration routes for fish populations. It is our hope that it will be incorporated into many special events and locations that educate the public about the importance of fish migration. Everybody is welcome to use the Happy Fish.

There is currently a Happy Fish Statue travelling around the world! Click here to see its journey or host the Happy Fish!