Meet our donors and ambassadors


Through their subsidies and donations, our donors help us scale up dam removal faster! We are committed to ensuring that the funds are utilised in the most efficient and effective way to bring about positive change to freshwater ecosystems.

Jasper Folmer

Project Leader, ForestPeace Foundation

ForestPeace Foundation is happy to contribute to scaling up the great Dam Removal movement. The rivers are the veins of the earth and deserve to flow freely. The more healthy, drinkable rivers, the more healthy animals and people!

Joshua Royte

Senior Conservation Scientist, TNC Maine (USA)

The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. At the heart of those waters are our planet’s rivers and streams, which have traditionally hosted massive annual migrations of fish that spawn, feed, and become part of our cultures and communities. For too long, these miraculous migrations have begun to blink out. We support the World Fish Migration foundation because of their unprecedented work to change that – bringing together extraordinary, devoted communities of people working to make the world a better place, one river at a time.

Bart Geenen

Head of Freshwater Programme, WWF Netherlands

WWF is a proud donor of the World Fish Migration Foundation since the start—for over five years now! We believe in their mission and are inspired by the global difference they’re making to save migratory fish in rivers. The Foundation has united an international community of fish and river lovers to share knowledge and start acting together.

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Our ambassadors are crucial to help us spread our message across the globe. We thank them for their commitment to free-flowing rivers and for representing our mission with passion and enthusiasm!

Jasper Pääkkönen

Finnish film actor and entrepreneur

My passion towards dam removals and free-flowing rivers arises from my love for fly fishing. I wish to make sure that our future generations will be able to enjoy free rivers and healthy fisheries.

Jeremy Wade

The World Fish Migration Foundation continues to do an extraordinary job of raising awareness to the huge challenges faced by fish. The more we work together, the more opportunities we have to give fish a helping hand.

We are proud to count on the support of great organisations and individuals.