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Support river restoration and migratory fish

Your donation is key to help saving rivers!

Rivers are the veins of our planet, but dams disrupt their natural functioning. At the World Fish Migration Foundation, we aim to remove these barriers and restore rivers to their free-flowing state. By eliminating obsolete dams, we revive waterways and vibrant ecosystems.
Your donations make a significant difference in restoring European rivers, enabling us to pursue our mission. To thank you for your support, we have created a limited-edition #DamRemovalEurope t-shirt for donations of over €50.
Join the movement and help us remove dams by donating and receiving your free t-shirt!
Don’t forget to fill in your postal address so we can ship your t-shirt. This campaign is exclusive to European countries.

Please state the color (blue or white) that you would like to receive and note that the t-shirts feature generous sizing. We advise ordering a size smaller for an ideal fit; the largest size available is L (fit as an XL), and the smallest is XS (fit as an XXS).
Recurring donations:

You can also choose to make recurring donations (click the first field "one time payment" to see the other options) to support upcoming projects and new initiatives.


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