15 April 2024
New Report: Dam Removal Movement Breaks Barriers and Records
4 March 2024
Giant Carp, one of the Forgotten Fishes on the Mekong River
Discovering the underwater world of the “Mekong Forgotten Fishes”
29 January 2024
Webinar: Reconnecting African Rivers
15 January 2024
Historic Milestone for Rivers: preparations to remove the Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River start today with a special visit from the Happy Fish
19 December 2023
Nature Restoration Law: what’s new and what’s left with Julia Boverhoff
7 December 2023
Dam Removal Activities in Latvia
5 December 2023
Free Flow Conference 2024 – Full programme out now!
13 November 2023
First international conference on dam removal in Romania
30 October 2023
One step closer to free-flowing rivers: Four countries pave the way for scaling up dam removal in Southeastern Europe
9 August 2023
An introduction to the Nature Restoration Law
19 June 2023
Free Flow 2024 – International conference on protecting and restoring free-flowing rivers in Europe
5 May 2023
The 2022 annual report is out!
18 January 2022
Explosive Dam Removal in Norway
15 March 2021
Half a million donation for the World Fish Migration Foundation
8 March 2021
Forgotten Fishes
12 January 2021
AMBER reveals true extent of river fragmentation and offers some solutions.
12 January 2021
28 July 2020
Massive decline in migratory freshwater fish populations could threaten livelihoods of millions, warns new report
17 June 2020
Hosting a Global Swimways Webinar Marathon remotely – we did it!
11 June 2020
Our founder receives the 2020 Le Cren Medal!
2 June 2020
Biggest dam removal in European history
14 May 2020
Global Swimways Webinar Marathon
8 April 2020
How can you help migratory fish? Think global, act local.

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