Our vision is
to have free-flowing rivers full of fish!

Migratory fish connect us! Nature and underwater life are under threat like never before. No single person, country or organisation can solve this alone. All over the world, thousands of people are already working on solutions that help migratory fish. By connecting and sharing, the foundation is building a stronger movement to save migratory fish in rivers.

Curious about our latest Living Planet Index for Migratory Freshwater Fish?
The World Fish Migration Foundation continues to do an extraordinary job of raising awareness to the huge challenges faced by fish. The more we work together, the more opportunities we have to give fish a helping hand.

Jeremy Wade

Animal Planet/Discovery/ITV

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World Fish Migration Day

Together with our colleagues we celebrate and create awareness for the importance of free-flowing rivers and migratory fish.

Dam Removal Europe

We started a movement in Europe to make dam removal a viable management option for river practitioners.

Global Swimways

Creating success stories and showcases, stimulate knowledge exchange and new research, develop swimway tools and plans.

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The foundation is proudly working on a number of global initiatives to create awareness, inspiring people and supporting local and global organisations. Follow our stories to stay up to date.