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Support river restoration and migratory fish

Your donation is key to help saving rivers!

Make a donation and contribute to our mission to restore free-flowing rivers by removing 150.000 obsolete river barriers across Europe!
In this festive season, why not give a gift to nature? To end up the year in full celebration, World Fish Migration Foundation launched a limited-edition of Dam Removal hoodies! When making a donation of 80€ or above we will send you a limited-edition hoodie made of sustainable materials.

Don’t forget: Fill in your postal address so we can ship your hoodie directly to you and indicate the size you wish to receive in the message box: M, L or XL (S currently sold out).

Recurring donations:

You can also choose to make recurring donations (click the first field "one time payment" to see the other options) to support upcoming projects and new initiatives.


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Thank you!